Thursday 5th May 2022 update - My heart knows on zee world

Occasion starts with Malhar looking at Mastani Bai who's holding Kalyani in her/ his hand. He does n’t fete Atharv and asks who are you? You're from lal gali and asks from where did you get my woman. Mastani Bai tells that she has not only brought his woman, but also a good news. He asks for nek. Malhar gives the plutocrat. 





 Mastani Bai says you're going to be father soon and veritably soon kilkari will be heard then. Malhar asks her not to lie and says if you want also I'll give further plutocrat. Mastani Bai says she noway lies and tells that Malhar’s woman is pregnant. Madhav asks what? Mastani Bai asks Malhar to handle his woman. Pallavi says kinnars noway lie. Mastani Bai asks Kalyani to open her eyes and tell everyone. He keeps his hand on her stomach and presses a bit. 


 Kalyani says my baby …. Atharv asks him to take care of his woman and her baby. Malhar tells that he do n’t believe on this gibberish and tells that she must be talking about her son Moksh. He takes her to the plant and sprinkles water on her face. Mastani Bai comes outside and asks him to come to cathouse some day, says he'll prove that she's having two lives. 

Malhar asks Mastani Bai to leave and says I've formerly given you shagun and asks him to go. He tells Madhav that he'll take Kalyani to doctor. Mastani Bai keeps hand on his face. Malhar holds his hand to stop him. Mastani Bai says if you hear from croaker also you might believe me. Malhar says I'm not taking her to croaker as she's pregnant, but because she's bad. 


 Kalyani earnings knowledge. She sees report in Mastani Bai’s clutch. Mastani Bai asks Kalyani to say if she's going to be mama or not. Malhar asks her to go differently he has to force him to go. Mastani Bai threatens to curse Malhar poorly that he'll rue all life. He tells that kinnar’s curse is veritably dangerous. Malhar asks what do you suppose that I'll be spooked. Kalyani looks at the report in Mastani bai’s clutch. 

Malhar asks Swara to take Kalyani outside. Mastani Bai says I've taken your woman to Croaker with my plutocrat and asks if he wants to see the report. Malhar says I do n’t want to see. Mastani bai says she'll not get sleep while bringing out the verity. Malhar says it's a limit and asks Pawar to take her out. Mastani Bai warns Malhar and says if you have dynamo also I've curse, both of them kill people. He opens the report. Malhar tells that Kalyani ca n’t be pregnant and says I know this. Kalyani gets up and abductions report from Mastani Bai’s hand. She tells Malhar that she's pregnant and going to be a mama. Everyone gets shocked. Mastani Bai says your woman’s eyes is revealing everything easily. Malhar asks what are you saying? He asks why you're lying and tells that they had nothing between them. He asks why you're lying. Kalyani says I'm not lying and is pregnant for sure. 

Kalyani tells him that the baby is of Rachit and not yours. Everyone opens their mouth in shock and unbelief. Malhar is also shocked. Kalyani says this is Rachit’s baby in my breadbasket. Mastani Bai tells that flower is bloomed in someone differently’s field, curse is fulfilled without I gave. Malhar and others look at Kalyani in unbelief. Kalyani thinks I ca n’t tell you the verity due to the report, says that Moksh’s life is depended on this baby. Pallavi scolds Kalyani for blackening her face with Rachit, says you had said that your marriage with Rachit was fake. Malhar scolds Pallavi and asks what you're doing. The workers gossip about Kalyani and Rachit. Malhar asks them to go. 



 Kalyani comes to her room and cries. She thinks I've to hide this report from Malhar ji and have to make sure that he noway gets this report. 

 She asks Bappa why he puts her in similar situation, says my malhar ji must have felt veritably bad and cries. She thinks to hide the report, thinks she ca n’t hide it in the hole. She opens the cupboard and thinks to hide it there, so that Malhar noway finds it. She keeps it in the cupboard, but it falls down. Malhar comes outside and sees her sitting behind the rocking president. She hides the report beneath the mat. Malhar looks at her. She gets up and pours water on her head. Malhar asks her not to worry and tells that he's with her. He asks what's her helplessness. Kalyani says I'm not lying and this baby is of Rachit. She says I swear on Billu that I'm pregnant. Malhar looks at her in unbelief and shock. Kalyani says I can understand that what you're allowing right now, you're poorly hurt, but trust me that I ca n’t suppose of hurting your heart indeed in my dreams. She says I ca n’t refuse that I'm pregnant. Malhar cries. 

Kalyani telling Malhar that she ca n’t suppose of hurting him indeed in dream, but she ca n’t ignore the fact that she's pregnant and is having Rachit’s baby in her breadbasket. 


 She asks him to discipline her. Malhar says for what I shall discipline you, for what Rachit has done this. He says may be he took advantage of our unconsciousness andthen.He cries and hugs her. He says when you came to know about this also what you might have felt, I could n’t suppose of. He says now I know why you're hiding from me and asks if she was feeling lonely. He asks what did we promise each other that we will support each other in good and bad times. He says I do n’t watch about this world, but cares for you. He says I'm with you and says we will face the world together. He says we will face everything together. Kalyani says I wish I could tell you the verity, but after seeing that report, I ca n’t tell you that this baby is yours. 

 Aao Saheb comes there and takes Kalyani with her. She takes her to hall and says I ca n’t believe that you can do anything wrong and asks her to tell whose baby is this, differently …. she slaps Kalyani. Everyone gets shocked. Aao Saheb asks did n’t you feel shame and is about to poke her again. Malhar holds Aao Saheb’s hand and warns her not to raise her hand on his woman differently he'll forget what's her position. The neighbors come there and gossip. Malhar asks them to leave. The ladies ask what's going on? The lady says first she disassociated you, married Rachit and also staying with you without marriage. 


 Malhar asks what to do, shall I fill her maang with sindoor again. Kalyani feels bad and wishes to tell him verity, but ca n’t say due to that report. She goes. Malhar comes to Rachit’s auto, takes out his dynamo and shoots at the auto. All his pellets are over. He also picks the stick to break the auto. Sarthak comes there and asks him not to do this. Malhar tells that Rachit has taken advantage of Kalyani’s unconsciousness and says if I could also I'll make Rachit alive and will shoot him. He hugs him and cries poorly. 


 Kalyani asks Moksh if he understands Malhar ji and says she do n’t understand him. She says she did n’t get angry on her when she told that the baby is of Rachit, but he wants to take care of me. She says how can anyone be so humane. She says I'm feeling shamefaced that he's allowing that Rachit took advantage of my unconsciousness, but this baby is his and this baby is your family and family. She asks Moksh how to tell Malhar that the baby is his after seeing the report, if he takes any wrong step. She says she ca n’t see Malhar’s condition. Latterly she wakes up and hears Sarthak crying at the orphanage lady. 

 The orphanage lady asks him to shoot Riddhi with her and tells that your woman is indicted of murder and your woman’s son is pregnant without marriage. Sarthak tells that his woman is innocent and Kalyani is Malhar’s woman and pregnant with his baby. He asks Kalyani to say, but she says she ca n’t lie. The childcare/ orphanage lady goes. Madhav asks Kalyani to repeal this baby. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Madhav says he wo n’t let this baby come in the world. Atharv thinks she'll noway tell the verity because of the report. 


 Malhar comes to the sanitarium and asks why my woman came then? He recalls Pawar informing him that Kalyani came to sanitarium 4 days agone. Doctor thinks how did he know that Sampada came to meet me. Malhar asks again why did his woman Kalyani come then 4 days agone? Doctor says she does n’t know anyone of this name. Kalyani refuses to repeal the baby. Madhav says if Rachit has taken advantage of our unconsciousness also why she wants to keep the baby. He asks did Rachit and you have any relations. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Madhav accuses Kalyani. Kalyani says this isn't verity, this isn't my want, we noway had any relation. Madhav asks also what's her problem? 


 Malhar asks Doctor to tell the verity. Doctor says I did n’t see any case with this name. Malhar asks Pawar to take Croaker out. He searches in the lines. Kalyani tells Madhav that she'll not repeal an innocent baby. 

Madhav says if you want to be Rane also have to repeal this baby. Kalyani says no. Sarthak says Dada is right. He says you have ruined my life, I'll not let you destroy Rane family. Malhar checks the report. Sarthak asks Kalyani to come with him to the sanitarium and repeal her baby. Kalyani says I always regarded you as my father and says I ca n’t repeal this baby. Sarthak asks her to come to the sanitarium and holds her hand. 


 Swara tries to stop him, but in vain. Atharv asks him not to take Aai down and feels pity on Kalyani, thinks she has come lonely and will find way to save the baby for Moksh. Keep for fastest updates.