My heart knows on zee world, Thursday 6th May 2022 update

 Occasion starts with Sarthak asking Kalyani to repeal her baby. Kalyani says I regard you as my father always. Sarthak says indeed Atul was alive moment, he'd have done the same. He asks her to come with him and repeal the baby. Kalyani pleads infront of him to stop and asks Swara to do commodity. Sarthak says I've to be strict for your betterment and family’s betterment. Swara tries to stop her. Kalyani cries and asks Sarthak to stop, but he drags her and takes her from there. 



 Malhar checks the lines. Doctor asks Sampada what Malhar is doing outside. Doctor says he's checking the lines. She asks who's Kalyani? Sampada says Kalyani is his woman. Doctor says I allowed you're his woman. Sampada says if Malhar gets the train also everything will be ruined. Doctor says I did n’t check Kalyani. Sampada goes outside and sees malhar. Malhar says what are you doing then? Sampada says I came to know about me. Malhar says I came then for Kalyani, but came to know about you. He says you did n’t tell me that your IVF is successful and you're pregnant. Sampada says I came to know just now. Malhar asks croaker about Kalyani and is about to show her snap, when he hears Kalyani crying asking Sarthak not to repeal her baby. He rushes out. Sampada asks Doctor to search Malti’s train. Kalyani pleads infront of kaka, but he does n’t hear to her. Malhar tells Pawar that this is Kalyani’s voice. Sarthak asks Receptionist for his appointment with the croaker for Kalyani’s revocation. Kalyani bites Sarthak and runs. Malhar and Pawar come to Sarthak. 

 Sarthak asks her to do what his Kalyani have done. He tells that he brought her for revocation. Malhar says you brought her forcefully and asks how could you do this? Sarthak says you said that this baby is of Rachit. Malhar says she's formerly in trauma and says let her come out of shock. Sarthak asks him to stop his madness. Malhar says I'll cover Kalyani and says he'll go against anyone for Kalyani. Sarthak calls him selfish and says he'll get the baby abandoned. Malhar grabs his collar and says he'll not leave anyone when the matter is about Kalyani. Sarthak is shocked. Malhar tells him that they've to give time to Kalyani to come out of this trauma. He asks Pawar to search Kalyani. Kalyani hides behind Anupriya’s ward bed and also tells her that she has done IVF and is pregnant with Malhar’s baby. She says I ca n’t tell Malhar and tells everything about threat to her life. Anupriya looks at her. 


 Kalyani says this is verity that I'll not be alive after this baby comes in this world, says I ca n’t tell this to Malhar and says if I tell him also he'll not let me keep this baby. She says I ca n’t let him repeal this baby as this baby is veritably important to my Billu. She says nothing is important to me than my Billu. She says I love my Billu so much that I'm ready to give my life for him happily. She says I've to hurt my Malhar ji’s heart for my Billu and tells that they've to hide the secret from him. She says kaka brought her then forcefully and asks her to talk to Kaka. Malhar comes there and calls Kalyani. Kalyani faints and is about to fall down, but Malhar holds her. Anupriya looks at her as she do n’t fete her. Malhar lifts Kalyani and takes her outside. Anupriya asks Nanny about the girl who had come to her ward and asks if she's bad. 

 Malhar asks Nanny about kalyani. Nanny says Doctor wants to talk to you about commodity. Kalyani is brought on stretcher with cloth on her face. Malhar is shocked and fractured. Doctor says she isn't your woman. Malhar finds the woman to be someone differently. Doctor tells him that Kalyani is fine, but ca n’t tell you, until when she'll be fine. She says if the gestation reaches full term also they ca n’t save Kalyani. Malhar says there must be some way. Doctor says I'll explain to you. 


 Malhar comes outside Doctor’s cabin. Doctor asks him to drink water and says if this gestation reaches full term, also the delivery will be complicated and there's a full chance that we could n’t save kalyani. Malhar cries looking at Kalyani. 

 Malhar looks at unconscious Kalyani and kisses on her forepart. He asks Croaker to make the revocation papers ready, says he's ready to subscribe on the papers. He asks Doctor to repeal the baby. Kalyani is taken to the OT. Malhar hopes that one day she'll understand that he do n’t watch that this baby is of Rachit, but he just cares for her. He says sorry to the baby and says I'm doing this to save your Aai. Anupriya stands out and looks at her without feting her. 


 Malhar looking at Kalyani as she's taken to the OT for the revocation. Song plays jo tu mera hamdard hai …. Nanny sees Kalyani and recalls that she had given her plutocrat for hiding verity about her IVF. She thinks she shall go and inform Malti to save her from Sampada. Anupriya looks at Kalyani and thinks this girl needs help. She thinks to tell Kalyani’s hubby that she wants to keep this baby so that she can save her first child. Kalyani is taken inside the OT. Malhar stands out sad. Anupriya walks towards him. Malhar apologizes to her and says this is my helplessness. Sarthak comes there and asks what are you doing then? He asks her to come to room and rest. He also says you was also doing the same thing for which I brought Kalyani. Malhar says there's a difference. He says you was doing it forcefully, says I ca n’t do this without her want. He says I came to know that kalyani’s life is in peril with the gestation. He says I'm helpless to do this. Anupriya says she was telling me that this baby …. Sarthak asks her not to tell him, says they're formerly veritably clever. He takes Anupriya with him. Doctor asks nanny about the injection. She says Kalyani is unconscious, but can gain knowledge in anytime. She asks nanny to prepare, till also she'll come. She comes out. 

 Malhar asks Doctor if Kalyani will be fine. Doctor says yes. Swara, Aao Saheb and others come there. Malhar tells them that Kalyani is having threat to her life because of this gestation. Aao Saheb blames Malhar for the problems in her life. Malhar tells her that she ca n’t suppose how is he feeling? Aao Saheb tells Malhar that Kalyani and Moksh are suffering because of his bad deeds. She leaves. Swara tries to pacify Malhar. Atharv thinks to stop the revocation so that Malhar and Kalyani get separated because of the baby. Nanny meets Malti and tells her about Kalyani. Malti panics. Nanny asks her to tell everything to Sampada. Malti wishes Kalyani shall die on the OT bed. 


 Croaker is about to give injection to Kalyani to make her conscious during the operation. She also gives her injection. Atharv cuts the electricity line. Malhar gets shocked. Atharv says this baby will part Malhar and Kalyani. Malhar asks Nanny to check the electricity. He also says he'll check the fuse board. He comes there and sees Atharv. He asks what's he doing then. Atharv hides the cables behind him. Malhar asks him what's he doing? Atharv says baba … I was spooked as light went and leverages him. He says he came to check the fuse board being bothered of Aai. He throws the cables. Malhar goes to check the fuse. 

 Malti comes to the sanitarium room and sees someone standing. She thinks Sampada is standing and tells her everything. Kalyani gains knowledge and asks them to leave her. Doctor says why injection did n’t affect her. Kalyani says nothing will harm my child and takes scalpel in the hand and threatens them. Doctor says why injection isn't affecting her. Anupriya is also there in nanny livery and recalls giving injection to Nanny to save Kalyani without feting her. Kalyani hurts the croaker and the nanny and says nothing shall come behind me. She says if I can give my life for my baby also I can take anyone’s life for this baby. She comes out of OT, hanging everyone with scalpel. Doctor asks Malhar to stop his woman. Kalyani says how dare you to suppose to repeal the baby. Malhar tells her that there's a threat to her life. Atharv says mama’s love helped her. 


 Kalyani says she'll not repeal the baby. Sarthak says this baby is illegitimate and isn't of Rane, asks her to get revocation. Malhar asks him to let him talk to her. He says that he has no problem that this is Rachit’s baby, tells that he's happily ready to accept it, but how he'll take care of baby without her. He tells that he ca n’t take care of baby alone. He says you means to me a lot and says I ca n’t walk 2 way without you, how I'll walk without you. Kalyani thinks I know that you'll emotionally blackmail me and thinks to tell that the baby is of Rachit and he has no right to repeal the baby fairly. She tells Malhar that he has no right on the baby as he's not baby’s Pop. 

 She says I ca n’t let anyone take this baby’s life and tells that baby is innocent. Sarthak asks what do you want to say that you knew that this baby is of Rachit and you wanted to bring this baby to the world. Kalyani says I knew that I was pregnant from ahead and I'll not repeal this baby. Malhar folds his hands and asks her to agree for revocation. Kalyani refuses. Malhar says you're my everything, how I'll live without you, you're my everything. 


 Kalyani asks him to hear to her and says you're veritably important to me, I'm nothing without you, there's no Kalyani without Malhar, but at this moment, this baby is veritably important to me, further than you. Malhar is shocked. Keep for fastest updates.