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Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss: Simple, Fast, and Delicious


What do you know about a Tanisha Thomas weight loss and do you want to try? Thomas is a celebrity whom success losing her weight until 12 pounds only in one week. She only used a high protein liquid not surgery process to loss her overweight. Many people do not believe it because the time to get rid of her weight is so fast. They suppose that she throw her fat away through a surgery. In fact, there is no Tanisha Thomas Weight loss surgery and her diet plan was extremely natural.

Simple Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss with High Protein

Apparently, following Tanisha Thomas weight loss is not difficult and exciting. Lossing 12 pounds a week is something impossible for people in overweight. However, Tanisha has proven it properly. During her diet plan, she must keep far away from the alcohol. Alongside that, she needs to pay attention to these three things:

• Discipline

Discipline is the first key to the success to reach everything including in this case.

• Get motivation

She always motivates herself to never give up in losing her weight. When she lost the spirit, she always remembers why she wants to get an ideal body.

• Focus

The focus is the last important thing that she cannot leave. She always focuses to run the diet plan and ignore the temptations to eat carelessly.

5 Tanisha Thomas’s Diet Recipes 

The Tanisha Thomas diet plan with the high protein liquid consists of six times eating. She creates 5 amazing diet plan of the milk protein such as the following:

1. Yogurt Shake

This healthy meal only needs a half cup of light yogurt, two ounces of non-fat soymilk or yogurt. Add a spoon of protein powder and a big spoon of fee sugar jelly. Mix and blend all of the ingredients until smooth.

2. Crystal Light Shake

This Tanisha Thomas weight loss recipe only needs a few ingredients. It is such as ice cube, two ounces of water, and a half spoon of protein powder.

3. Strawberry Protein Shake

Tanisha makes this delightful drink from a half cup of soymilk or low-fat yogurt. Blend it until smooth along with ice, a bit of vanilla extract, and a spoon of protein powder.

4. Hazelnut Cinnamon Smoothie

This fresh drink still needs a spoon of protein powder but you can choose it in vanilla or chocolate taste. Complete it with a big spoon of hazelnut creamer which is free sugar. Add a half spoon of cinnamon, half a cup of low-fat milk, and ¼ cup of greek yogurt. Do not forget to add some ice inside.

5. Chocolate Mocha Shake

The ingredient of the chocolate mocha shake is low-fat milk or soymilk. Then, add a few proteins, artificial sweeteners, unsweetened cocoa powder, and instant decaffeinated coffee.

Do you attract to try Tanisha Thomas weight loss? Prove that what she did is effective for you. Actually, this diet plan is simple and delicious where none ever imagine about this way. Those recipes are easy to make with the ingredients from your kitchen pantry. Happy trying your new diet plan which is more exciting in your days and stomach.


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