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Positive Negative Example of Health and Fitness Advertisements For You to Know


Do you know what is a positive example of health and fitness advertisements? It is a campaign from some companies to show the other benefits of fitness. Being slim turns out one positive example of health and fitness advertisements. The meaning is there are still other benefits from the exercise for your health. Many people feel happier and more confident after they join the sports center. Apparently, those points are more important than the success of the lost weight. They dare to appear in public with the apparel according to their want.

Positive Example of Health and Fitness Advertisements is for Everyone

Who says that the fitness center is only for them who have an athletic body? Today, it has been out-dated thinking where it only makes you insecure. Many people have felt the positive health and fitness advertisements. They go to the sports center for a gym and join the other athletic people there. In fact, the advertisement success to emerge the self-confident existing among them. Even, they do not be afraid to wear the underwear with extra size during the fitness.

It implies everyone can go to the gym and get their health and smile to others. Indeed, the positive example of health and fitness advertisements is more than getting an athletic body. The advertisement defeats their fear about the negative sight and also the body shaming action. By the way, you can learn from a Krista Henderson. She is a triathlete who inspire other people to train like an athlete. Henderson began her athletic career in 2014 after she got motivation from a trainer.

Get Positive Example of Health and Fitness Advertisements on Facebook

Well, you have known the advantages of the positive example of health and fitness advertisement. The point is the ads does not only talk about the body shape but also other. So, where you can see the advertisement and what kinds of ads? Hopefully, the information below will make clear the topic of the day. Here are some kinds of health and fitness advertisements:

• Traditional fitness companies:
1. Clothing
2. Fitness centers
3. Health centers

• Modern fitness company:
1. Fitness Trackers
2. Applications
3. Sleeping devices
4. Smart devices

Talking about the place to see the ads, you can use your social media. One of the examples is Facebook where you may easily find it. There are 6  kinds of health and fitness advertisements such as the following:

1. Photo Ads

Single photo ads are good enough to convey messages about health.

2. Video Ads

Get a positive example of health and fitness advertisements here. Understanding video ads are certainly easier and more interesting than photo ads. You just have to see and hear the explanation that the advertiser is giving.

3. Carousel ads

This is the type of ads that combines 3 photos and videos in one ads post. Usually, the ads tell someone's story to convince the audience.

4. Slideshow ads:

This type of advertisement helps you learn a brand or service better.

5. Ads Collection

This is an advertisement for businesses that sell several real products at once.

6. Canvas Advertising:
You can use this type of advert for mobile. Just click on your Facebook view via mobile and you can view the ad in any format in full.

4 Health Ads that have misled their Customers 

Nowadays, there are a lot of fitness and health ads around you. Even, it not only emerges on Facebook but also the others. As the examples are TV, internet, and so on. Seemly, not all of the positive example of health and fitness advertisements are right. Some of them are quite misleading because they only hunt the profit for themselves. Well, here are 4 negative health and fitness advertisements:

• EasyTone Reebok Shoes

Between 2009 and 2010, Reebok issued an ad for EasyTone and RunTone shoes. This company displays flexible and fast models that use special foot toning soles. These shoes can train your thigh and calf muscles up to 11% harder. Besides that, the shoes are able to tighten your buttocks up to 28% more than ordinary shoes. Apparently, this shoe and is not right.  The sole of the shoe is uneven and forces you to use more muscles while moving. EasyTone was also uncomfortable to run so Reebok had to return more than $ 25 million in purchases.

• Airborne Herbal Supplements

For 10 years Airborne has been one of the best positive health and fitness advertisements in the US.  This herbal supplement can treat and prevent the common cold. But in reality, Airborne is just another example of the placebo effect. The tablet does nothing to prevent colds or improve the immune system. In the end, the Airborne company paid a class action claim of $ 23.3 million in 2008.

• Dannon Activia Yogurt

In 2009, a federal judge found that Dannon's claim lied to the public with yogurt contents. The company states that taking Activia yogurt every day will eliminate irregularities and help speed up the digestive process. The company said it had imposed a 30% premium on "probiotic" yogurt over other brands. In fact, the contents in the package are all the same. To account for the actions, the company was forced to pay $ 35 million to consumers in 2009. A year later, Dannon had to pay another $ 21 million to the FTC.

• Extenze products

The positive example health and fitness advertisement is "Male enhancement". It is a small purple pill from California-based Biotab Nutraceuticals. In fact, this is not an example of positive advertising but is included in but a fraud. In 2010, the public learned that Biotab had only fabricated all scientific and clinical evidence regarding Extenze's "enhancement capabilities." As a result, Biotab has to pay compensation of $ 6 million. Also, offer another $ 6 million as a refund to its customers in Extenze Racing merchandise.

Well, that is some information about a positive example of health and fitness advertisements. People really need to get the ads pretty they dare to go to the sports center confidently. Alongside that, the advertisement is also useful to them to brave using some products both items or foods. However, not all health and fitness ads come with a good purpose. Sometimes, they just want to get the profit faster so that they involve a bit fraud inside.


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