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Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Training Program, Create Numerous Competence People Quickly


Graduating with a Bachelor Degree is not guarantee to get a job soon. Many people must fight to get the position which is suitable to their background. Join the Walgreens Pharmacy technician training program if you live in the US. When you have passed the program, you can work in many parts. It is such as the retail store, CPO ( Central Pharmacy Operation), or in the multiple locations. Definitely, there are more benefits by joining the Walgreen pharmacy. What you should do to enter the course?

Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Training Program Online

The purpose of Walgreen giving the program is to create new talent in pharmacy. It gives many people to get a certificate and work in this field. Actually, you who come from the far place (outside of the US) keep capable to join the program. Here, they can join the Walgreens pharmacy technician training program online. Thus, you still have the opportunity to grab the certificate. You only need to focus on the program for almost two years.

Without the pharmacy certificate, you cannot work as the pharmacist. The certificate also helps you get a better salary than before. Actually, you only need 90 days to complete your technician training program. However, you have to pass an examination to get a certificate. The name of the test is PTCE of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. When you pass it, your degree is CPht or Certified Pharmacy Technician credential. By the way, the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA) is the part which accredits the test.

Besides through online program, you can take the real class in the Walgreens University. The university has established since 2013 and it has another accreditation from ASHP. ASHP is short of American Society of Health Systems. The program also has proven giving the best training both internal and through the other organization. During the class, the students get a lot of offerings to help the team. Formerly, Walgreens build the university to help the employees in handling so cases in their family.

Nowadays, the programs include the review class and lesson materials. Even, there is a one-time sponsor for the employee who qualifies. For you whom success to get the certificate, Walgreens offers some alternative jobs. You can work at the central pharmaceutical operation technician and in the community pharmacy technician.

Main Tasks of a Pharmacy Technician that you must figure out

Walgreen pharmacy technician training program comes to prepare a competence people to do their main tasks. There are some main duties which you should understand before you really take the program. It is such as:

1. Answer and respond to the call.

2. Work as the cashier.

3. Keep the pharmacy cleanliness.

4. Store the supply.

5. Prepare insurance form.

6. Counting pills for a prescription.

7. Weight pill for prescription

8. Make detailed and accuracy prescription label.

There are 8 main tasks or duties of a pharmacy technician. Of course, those jobs are not easy and that is why you have to join the course. Well, find out how to enroll the Walgreens Pharmacy technician training program. Get the right cost and the other system to follow the class. Your future is bright from this program and field.


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