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Advanced Technology to Detect Diabetes: Diabetic Patch on Arm


The development of technology in the medical world has created a new way to detect diabetes called diabetic patch on arm. If testing your blood to detect diabetes is usually hurt or causing pain in your finger, this new technology is painless. This advanced technology will no longer hurt you when you want to check your blood sugar level either before treatment or after treatment.

There are some companies that currently working to produce it on a large scale for both medical purpose and individual use. But some are also still working on it as a prototype because it will need more things to add. Many prototypes have a purpose to minimize the pain but maximize the usage and the benefit.

Sounds great, right? Below is the information that you would like to know more about this new technology. More things that you might interest is that there are different devices type with similar purpose. So, this is a chance for you to know more about the newest technology for diabetes people!

Explanation of a Diabetic Patch on Arm Technology

Before explain about this new invented diabetic patch on arm, it is better to talk the history of diabetic medical tool. So to decades, to test glucose or sugar level in our blood used finger pricks that sometimes hurt.

 In 1968, there was glucometer to measure the level of blood sugar. To get measured, people with diabetes use the urine samples to be tested. But to know the result was not as quick as nowadays.
The glucometers that available today is different. It can show us the result just in five seconds only. But still, they need finger pricks that sometimes it is not okay for some people. It leads researcher to find a new way to measure without hurting the patient.

And now, researches from Europe are currently developing it to change how it works. This so-called diabetic patch on arm works as its name and known for how it works. It simply works just through putting the device on your arm.

This technology offers many features such as advanced sensor compared to the past technology. The advanced sensor makes it easier to detect without resulting pain in your skin. Some probably will be using more than just a sensor to maximize the device’s function.

Advantages of the Patch on Arm for Diabetes

The very first advantage has been mentioned above that it is painless. It sounds ordinary for some people, but actually, it is more than just painless for other people. Don’t you know that if you feel pain and the pain affect you it will also affect the result of the test? Also, for those who hurt will then have less frequent of test which makes the result can’t be trusted. As the final result, the sugar level test can’t be well controlled.

But with this device, you can measure your glucose level without pain and do it continuously. It means that you can keep an eye on your glucose treatment progress daily as you want. Many people with diabetes will then enjoy this measurement.

Next advantage of using the diabetic patch on arm is the physical appearance of this device. It is small and can be owned as yours. The devices that have a similar purpose to this technology nowadays are just smaller compared with your laptop.

When you buy a patch on arm for diabetes, you will pay it for a low price. This because they intended to create a low-cost device so many people will take the maximum benefit from it. Some companies are also currently working on it and make it be an environmentally friendly product. It means that any customer who uses this will safe and it has no effect on your environment. Low cost means many people will be able to afford it so it can help those who will use it in the future.

From its physical quality, it will be strong and flexible. This product will be created to be friendly and they will prioritize the safety.

How Does Diabetic Patch On Arm Work?

You can guess how this diabetic patch on arm by its name as mentioned above. But you should know that there is the procedure to make it works. This patch on arm for diabetes will work when you put the sensor in your arm.

The sensor then will scan your blood or your cell and transmit the data to the monitor. The data that sent to the screen is a real-time data. And yes, this must be another advantage of using the diabetic patch on arm.

There may be some different devices type of patch on arm for diabetes. This means a different way of working but still, have the same basic function. Some may scan the sugar blood directly; some may scan the inter-cell of your skin to get the data. The tools to get the data or the sensor system are also probably different.

Each patch on arm for diabetes device has different time of measurement. Some device may scan your last three hours of glucose level and can last for a few months. The good news from this advanced technology called diabetic patch on arm will also provide an app that you can download.

Just by downloading the app in your smartphone, you will get yourself easier to measure and control your glucose level. By using the app, you can access many things that you want to know, not only reading the data. For an example, you can easily monitor the progress of your glucose level after you log in to the connected app.

Good news is that some of the product has approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). As time goes by, probably more product of diabetic patch on arm will follow to be approved soon. You can try to check and read the information about patch on arm for diabetes in detail before you decide to buy it. This will help you understand more the benefit that you will get when you have a patch on arm for diabetes. It seems that this painless diabetic patch on arm is worth to buy, right?


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