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4 Best Probiotic for Men's Health Supplements


Best probiotic for men's health is anything that contains live microorganisms that have health benefits when consumed. Probiotics - which are usually beneficial bacteria - provide all kinds of powerful benefits for your body and brain. Probiotic gives a lot of benefits for men’s health.

Best Probiotic for Men's Health from Food

Some evidence shows that they can even give you healthier skin. For men, some of the benefits that can be obtained are for vitality and physical fitness. So far, we know some of the best probiotic for men's health is from these foods.

1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is one of the best sources of probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that can improve your health. It is made from milk which has been fermented by friendly bacteria, especially lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Eating yoghurt is associated with many health benefits, including improving bone health. This is also beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

In children, yoghurt can help reduce diarrhea caused by antibiotics. It can even help alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In addition, yoghurt may be suitable for people with lactose intolerance. This is because bacteria convert a portion of lactose to lactic acid, which also causes the taste of sour yoghurt.

However, keep in mind that not all yoghurts contain the best probiotic for men's health. In some cases, live bacteria have died during processing. For this reason, be sure to choose yoghurt with an active or live culture. Also, make sure to always read the label on yoghurt before you buy it. Even if labeled low fat or fat-free, it may still contain a lot of added sugar.

2. Pickles

Pickles (also known as gherkins) are cucumbers that have been acidified in salt and water solutions. They are allowed to ferment for some time, using their own natural lactic acid bacteria. This process makes them acidic. Pickled cucumber is a source of healthy probiotic bacteria that can improve digestive health.

High K vitamin, an essential nutrient for blood clotting. Keep in mind that pickles also have a tendency to bring your high blood pressure. They have high sodium too. It made by vinegar! Not real probiotic/ raw food that contains probiotics.

3. Natto

Natto is another fermented soybean product, such as tempeh and miso. It contains a strain of bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. Natto is a staple food in Japanese kitchens. Usually mixed with rice and served with breakfast. It has a distinctive odor, slimy texture and strong taste. Natto is rich in protein and vitamin K2, which are important for bone and heart health.

A study of older Japanese men found that taking natto regularly was associated with higher bone mineral density. This is associated with a high vitamin K2 content from natto.

Probiotics packaged in the form of drinks such as yoghurt or in capsule form are known to protect digestion due to various conditions that often occur in the elderly. Even so, the researchers say to be more careful in choosing probiotic products sold in the market because there are quite a number of products that "claim" contain probiotics but are in fact ineffective.

Best Probiotic Supplement for Men's Health

Best probiotic for men's health are those that have the ability to repair living bacterial strains in the digestive tract, such as bifidobacteria or lactobacilli. In addition, the product must also contain about 10 million bacteria or more. This requirement is issued by the New European Union as a condition that must be fulfilled to be called the best probiotic supplement for men's health.

Please note, parents have a smaller number of good bacteria in the intestine than those owned by those who are young. And conversely, parents have more bad bacteria in their intestines than those of young people.

Some studies show that the level of good bacteria in the intestines in older people over 60 years is reduced by about 1,000 good bacteria when compared to those owned by young people. This causes frequent digestive infection problems experienced by parents.

We actually have good bacteria in the intestine that are useful for digesting food properly and also useful to protect the body from various diseases. So to maintain this condition requires a balance between the number of good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Parents with less known amounts of good bacteria by giving probiotic supplements can help maintain microbial balance in their digestive tract. Probiotics contain strains of live bacteria that can be mixed in powder (flour), yoghurt, fruit juice and various other products.

Probiotics are known to protect parents from various complications caused by bacterial poisons, such as E. coli. It was also stated that the use of probiotics in fighting various digestive conditions such as diarrhea and diarrhea associated with the use of antibiotics.

1. Nutrition Essentials

Theoretically, we can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine by eating foods containing probiotics. Examples include fermented milk, cheese, butter, or formula milk fortified (enriched) lactic acid. Now there are also many best probiotic supplements in capsule form. With various health claims, probiotics have become increasingly trendy these days.

2. Dr Tobias Probiotics with Deep Immune

This probiotic best calculates that innate immunity that keeps the body from attacking pathogens is mediated by various kinds of water-soluble substances such as cytokines, chemokines, various types of antimicrobial peptides, complement systems and various effector cells, especially phagocytes and natural killer cells. A number of studies have shown the beneficial effects of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and fermented milk products in increasing specific and non-specific immune responses.

3. Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics

Prebiotics are found in various food sources. Foods that contain prebiotics include soybeans, wild taro or various root vegetables such as cassava and beans. Whereas inulin sources include raw oats, barley and wheat. Besides our daily food such as onion, garlic, cucumber, salad and various fruits contain prebiotics. Fruits like banana, pineapple and watermelon. Some probiotic bests such as insulin and oligosaccharides can be isolated from natural sources, such as tubers. Generally, tubers contain oligosaccharides in the form of raffinose in high amounts.

4. BeLive Probiotic Sugar-Free Gummies

Chewing gum can stimulate salivary secretion so that the component of saliva increases. In the market, there is gum containing different substances, such as sucrose, xylitol and probiotics. This study aims to analyze the differences before and after chewing gum containing sucrose, xylitol and probiotics, and analyzing the differences after chewing gum to flow velocity, volume, viscosity, pH and the number of Streptococcus mutans saliva colonies.

There are various benefits that can be obtained from prebiotic consumption. Among other things are explained in some best probiotic for men's health above.


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