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What are the main causes of kidney stones?



Definition: - Kidney stone is also known as urolithasis. When solid piece of material are conjugated in one or both of yours kidney because of high level of certain mineral are in urine and that conjugated piece are called as kidney stone.

Kidney stone is varying in size. Small size stone may pass without any medication and without any causing sing and symptoms. When stones size is more than 5mm are difficult to pass and can causes severe pain and block ureter. Stone are form in kidney when minerals are high in concentration.

Pathophysiology (How kidney stone form?)

Hypocitraturia: - The meaning of hypocitraturia is citrate excretion less than 320 mg/day in urine Hypocitraturia can causes formation of kidney stone because role of citrate is to reduce super saturation of calcium salt and inhibits crystal growth (stone).

Inhibitors of stone formation: - Normal urine contain chelating agent such as citrate, calgronal, tamm-harshfall protein, uroprotin, nephrocalcium, prothrombin peptide and bikuni. All of the above are chelating agent (inhibits the formation of kidney stone) If this all chelating agent are less in concentration than there is increase the chance of formation of kidney stone.
Sufficient intake of citrate and magnesium inhibits the formation of kidney stone.

Type of kidney stone

On the basis of type of kidney stone we can determine the cause and its help to prevent further formation of kidney stone.

Calcium stone: - This is the most common type of stone in the form of calcium oxalate.Oxalate is natural substance found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and chocolate this all are have high concentration of oxalate. And also made by our liver daily. Oxalate may occur in form of phosphate. And this calcium phosphate devolve by metabolic disorder.

Struvite stone: - Stone which form by infection is called struvite stone. Infection such as UTI. This type of stone can grow quick and larger than other stone.

Uric acid stone: - Uric acid stone are mainly form in those people who don’t drink enough Fluid or who lose too much fluid are more prone to develop uric acid stone. Person on high protein diet and have disorder of gout are also more prone to develop uric acid stone

Cysteine stone: - Kidney that excrete too much of amino acid can form this type of kidney Stone. This type of stone can also see in hereditary disorder.

Risk Factor

Family history/ Personal history: - If someone has kidney stone in your family than you are more prone to develop kidney stone. If you have history of kidney stone than there is increase chance of reoccurrence

Diet: - Person who takes high protein diet, sodium, and sugar in food is higher risk to develop kidney stone. Too much salt in diet can increase amount of calcium.

Dehydration: - Person who not drinking enough water lead to formation of kidney stone. Person who live in warm climate and who sweat a lot that all are high risk of developing kidney stone.

Digestive Disease: - Irritable bowel disease, chronic diarrhoea both this disease can alter the digestive system and can cause increase loss of fluids and increase absorption of calcium so that lead to increase concentration of calcium in blood stream and form kidney stone.

Obese: - person who high BMI, larger Waist size are higher risk of kidney stone.

Surgery: - Gastric bypass surgery are one of factor to developing kidney stone.


 Small size of stone may pass without causing any symptoms but if the size of stone is larger (more than 5mm) can produce symptoms which are as below.

  • Severe pain at side of abdomen and back
  • Pain is radiate to lower abdomen
  • Kidney stone pain is wave in nature (come and go)
  • Urine burning
  • Pain during urination
  • Colour of urine- Red, pink, browen
  • Smell of urine- foul
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Urge of urine increase but when urinate urine come with drop by drop
  • Fever and chill if there is infection present(UTI)


Urine routine, micro, culture


 There are some tips to prevent developing of kidney stone.

Drink plenty of water: - people who have history of stone are recommending drinking plenty of water. If you urine colour is dark yellow than there is sing of you are tacking less water than you need. When we take plenty of water colour of urine is light yellow and clear.

Foods: - Avoid Oxalate rich food such as rhubarb, beats, okra, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, tea, chocolates, black paper etc.

Low slat diet

Avoid calcium supplements

Take leman water daily, you can also take coconut water.


If you have kidney stone less than 5mm than there is no need of medication only plenty of water, leman water, is enough to pass kidney stone. But size of stone is more than 5mm than you need medication so please consult your physician as soon as possible. If you want online consultation contact me.

Homeopathic treatment for kidney stone

There is wonderful remedy in homeopathy which not only treat but prevention of further developing of kidney stone. I have my own preparation for kidney stone which gives wonderful result in some case its take less than 24 hour to remove stone from kidney. If you want some preparation contact me through email.  

Dr. Amin I Bayad

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