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What are the health benefits of drinking warm water?


What are the health benefits of drinking warm water?

Hello friends, in this blog we discuss about the health benefit of drinking warm water especially in morning. As traditional way all over the world our morning is start with fresh hot coffee or tea according to region. Considering water our mind is set that we consume water as cold. Besides this you also here about consuming warm water in the morning have many more health benefits and according to Ayurveda warm water itself is medicine for many diseases. Regular intakes of warm water have benefits of increase immunity, weight loss; improve digestion, any many more we discuss in this blog.

Most of the physicians recommend warm water in morning with empty stomach that has lots of benefits to our body. Without any waste of time we discuss about health benefits of drinking warm water as below.

Health benefits

1.      Improve digestion: - when we consume warm water on daily basis that’s leads to sooth and activate our digestive tract. Water moves through whole digestive tract and make whole tract hydrate so because of hydrate intestine able to eliminate the waste product from body in short its help to detoxification in our body.
If person has chronic constipation warm water will help a lots to reduce strength to the intestine for defecation and also improve peristaltic movement.

2.      Weight loss: - Warm water help in weight loss itself is big topic we will discuss in separate blog in future.

3.      Detoxification: - detoxification means the processes of removing toxins substance from body. some research have proven that consuming warm water can increase the temperature of body and that’s leads to sweating so because of sweating toxin substance remove from skins pore. So that’s why warm water help in body detoxification.

4.      Circulation: - warm water increase the body temperature that’s leads to expand blood vessels and improved circulation. Some research say that warm water can reduce a pain in some level because of increase circulation due to expand of blood vessels blood flow increase to particular pain area and increase of blood flow leads to muscle relax and decreasing pain.

5.      Stress: - A warm water may help to fight with stress. Studies also find that hot liquid such as tea and coffee can lower the stress and reduce feeling of anxiety. There is some argue are going on that hot liquid reduce stress because of caffeine but warmth also played role in improved mood.

6.      Fights colds: - when we have fever with shiver(shake slightly and uncontrollably as a result of being cold)  physician suggest a warm water. Warm water heat our body and increase the temperature so that we can fight with shivering.

7.      Skin: - Acne is problem for female as well as male because of selfie ( just kidding )
Warm water can help body hydrate and warm because of this it’s improved circulation and give you fair skin. Warm water deep cleanses your body and eliminates the root cause of infection (acne).

8.      Congestion: - consuming warm water during nasal congestion can relive the accumulation of cough in throat and relive symptoms of congestion. Warm water dissolve the thick cough and eliminate them easily from your respiratory tract so that you can relief from sore throat.
9.      Menstrual pain: - warm water has calming and soothing effect on abdominal muscle which can cure the crams and spasm and relive the pain during menstrual.

10.   Hair: - Yes warm water also good for healthy and shiny hair. Warm water energizes and activates the nerve ending of hair. Warm water also promotes regular activity of hair roots and that’s why warm water accelerates the hair growth. Warm water keeps your scalp hydrate and prevents hair dandruff.


So this are benefits we can get from warm water on daily routine basis. If you like my work please follow for more health fitness related topic. Any suggestion please let me know in the comment.

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